Tips to installing MELL – Microsoft e-Learning Library

Thanks to Jonathan for providing these notes:

Installing MELL on a Microsoft SBS 2003 Server
Step 1: Follow the steps to install MELL on a web server as outlined in the Mell 2.x Deployment Guide located here:
Step 2: Once completed, you’ll note that when trying to access MELL via http://servername/mell/eng, you get the following error:
 006~ASP 0175~Disallowed Path Characters~The ‘..’ characters are not allowed in the Path parameter for the MapPath method.

When attempting to access the reports via http://servername/mell/eng/reports, you’ll get the following error (if ‘Show 
friendly HTTP error messages’ is disabled in IE):   Microsoft VBScript runtime error ‘800a01f4’  Variable is undefined: ‘Session’  /mell/eng/reports/inc/, line 987
To resolve both of these issues, open Internet Information Services Manager > (Start–>All Programs–>Administrative Tools–Internet Information Services > (IIS) Manager).  Expand the server, expand the ‘Web Sites’ folder, and expand the ‘Default Web Site’.  Right-click on the folder named ‘MELL’, and select ‘Properties’.

On the Virtual Directory tab, click on the ‘Configuration’ button.  Go to the ‘Options’ tab.  Turn on the ‘Enable session state’ and ‘Enable parent paths’ options by checking them.  Click on OK twice.
Step 3: Restart Internet Information Services (Start–>Run–>’iisreset’).
That’s it!  Hope that helps someone.  
Jonathan Kok 

6 thoughts on “Tips to installing MELL – Microsoft e-Learning Library

  1. Thank You!! I looked all over for info on this problem and finally found it here. This worked like a charm.

  2. Thanks….problem solved immediately…at least with your help I did not require an eLearning course to set it up…:-)

  3. Whoot!! Many many thanks to you!! I looked up and down for this fix and MS made no mention of this.. go figure.. NICE Tip John! Gold star for you..

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