Tips to fixing Windows Time Server

This tip was recently offered on the SBS2003 public newsgroup (thanks R Stovall!):

Here is the definitive answer as far as I am concerned.  I used to have all kinds of trouble with various clients and servers, but once I figured out the
sequence of commands I haven’t had a single problem.  Honest!

Run the following on the problem machine:
net time /querysntp  (this will tell you what your currently configured time source is)
net stop w32time
net time
\\(problem-machine) /setsntp:goodsntpservername (more than likely your PDC emulator)
net start w32time
w32tm /resync

Boom.  Done.  Happy as a clam!

PS  You should be able to eliminate the \\(problem-machine) argument if running the commands locally, but the whole Windows time thing is flaky, and,
well, it doesn’t hurt to be sure.

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