Setting workstation logoff/lockout time via Group Policy (GPO)

A commonly question asked is: can I automatically log off workstations after so many minutes of inactivity?

Well, through Group Policy you can force to lock down a workstation via a password protected screensaver, but not to log it off. The GPO settings for locking down a workstation via screensaver can be found at: 
Administrative templates\control panel\display\password protect the screen saver and screen saver timeout.

You can also use the WinExit.scr utility to implement the screen saver lockdown method. Check it out here:

Finally, there are third party vendors that may provide a solution to that problem.  One third party program is Fortress-NT/2000, available via the following link: .  The vendor claims that this program/utility can enforce log off times on client machines.  This is not a Microsoft product, and we cannot state how well, or if it does what it advertises to do.

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