6 steps to restore SBS2003 to new server

Les (u da man) Connor’s six steps for moving SBS to a new server:

1. Install the loopback adapter(s) to hold the nic configuration(s).
2. Use ghost 2003 to image the existing server to a media that can be connected to the new server.
3. Move any hardware (if required) from old to new.
4. Restore the image onto the new server
5. If windows won’t start on new server, boot from SBS CD1 and run setup, selecting the repair option.
6. Transfer nic settings from loopbacks to nics.

Depending on whether WS2k3 has native drivers for all the hardware or not, you may need to have those available when you run setup. If it all goes pear shaped, you still have the old server – reverse the
changes you made in step 3 and step 1.

Les Connor
SBS Rocks !

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