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[This was posted in the public NG on 10/23/2004 by Jeff]

I have information on Swing Migration that I can send out to you if you want to visit www.SBSmigration.com to request it.

Swing Migration is a method for upgrade/migration that I’ve recently documented and created as a complete project package called a Swing It!! Kit. It’s a set of documentation that walks you through an entire process to move the entire configuration identity from the old SBS to a new SBS or Windows server.

You get a clean server installation, but the same domain name, same server name, same AD, same Group Policies, same IP, same network paths, same user and computer accounts…and you can forklift the Exchange onto the new server without breaking single instance storage.

The work can be completed offline, meaning that you can keep your existing server running (including the Exchange) while you build the new server, and the downtime involved is only the time it takes to move an offline copy of the Exchange and the datafiles over to the new server. You can complete the entire installation of the new server, including 3rd Party apps, all in
advance of shutting down the domain. Some folks have done the entire change over with as little as 2-3 hours downtime.

Swing Migration is a process by which you can add a temp DC to you network, capture the AD information, then swing it back onto a new server and complete the installation of a new server using the previous server’s identity. I have detailed information about this available for free on request at www.SBSmigration.com.

The main difference in this process and what you suggested is that you will be renaming your server if you do a DCpromo of a different box. You have namespace problems created not only in Exchange, but also for all network related issues. Swing Migration solves that.

The Swing It!! Kit that is the project reference is available in one of two versions. One is just the reference documentation, the Technician Kit includes the docs and about 10 tools that make the migration process faster, easier, and better documented. Technician Kit is $200US and the Reference Kit is $125…but the Technician Kit is clearly more popular since I’ve been
making them available. Both include support from me on the docs and tools in completing a swing migration project.

I will be happy to answer as many questions as I can here in the NG so that everyone can stay in the conversation. If you want purchase information or the Reviewers Technical Guide that explains the concepts and has many Q&A bits in it, ask at the information website.

I realize that the website is a little “lean” right now since it’s under construction at this time…but that’s almost complete … hopefully in the next week I will have the full package of information available to browse there, or download…including secure payment and ordering option.

Jeff Middleton

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