Installing IMF and displaying SCL rating

The details can be found here (thanks to the M&M queens!)

I’ve skinnied their instruction down just for quick reading::

1. Download & Install IMF – go to

In ESM, go to Global Settings, right click Message Delivery, Properties, tab Intelligent Message Filtering, and configure your various thresholds. Example: set gateway treshold to 5, blocking messages to Archive and SCL rating to 2. Then all email with an SCL rating equal or greater than 5 will be Archived. All email with an SCL rating greater than 2, will be moved to the user’s Junk E-mail folder. You will want to experiment with the treshold settings.  Note: every time you change the SCL rating, you will have to restart the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service.

Still in ESM, go to Servers > Servername > Protocols > SMTP, right click Intelligent Message Filtering Properties and enable the Default SMTP Virtual Server.

2. Download and install the IMF Archive Manager – go to

By default when IMF archives a message, it does not archive the SCL rating assigned to the message. To do so, create a registry key DWORD value, ArchiveSCL, and assign it a value of 1. Run RegEdit, and navigate to HKLM > SOFTWARE > Microsoft >Exchange, right-click ContentFilter, click New, and then click DWORD value.

Type ArchiveSCL for the registry key value. Right-click ArchiveSCL, and then click Modify. In Edit DWORD, under Value Data, type 1.

3. Configure Outlook to display the SCL rating.

Here a picture is worth a thousand words:

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