Generating web cert for other sites on the server

DonDinCT asked this great question on the NG:

“When I generate a certificate for my server during installation, does it only work for the default web site ?  Do I need to create a seperate certificate for each web site that I add ?”

And John gave this equally great response:

The certificate is automatically added to the companyweb and default web sites. You can manually add it to others if you would like. If you want to add the existing one:

  • Right click on the site and go to properties

  • Go to security tab

  • Click the server certificate button

  • Click next and choose assign an existing certificate

  • The SBS created cert should be in the list.  Just pick that cert and click Next

  • Set the SSL port and finish the wizard.

    Best Regards,
    John Bay, MCSE 2003
    Microsoft Support Engineer

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