Slow File Transfers & DELL Servers

We get a lot of posts complaining of slow file transfers from workstation to the SBS server. The first suggestion we make is to disable SMB signing, which is properly described at The other thing we suggest is to switch your NIC card away from autosense/autodetect.


I’ve had a server that has had the same ‘slow file transfer’ symptoms for two weeks, and yet nothing I did fixed the problem. Finally, tonight, I had a chance to ‘google’ through this newsgroup looking for other ideas. I found a post from Chad Gross (in August) saying that with Dell servers in particular, that he had to set the NIC card back to autosense to fix the slow file transfer problem.


Well, I connected up, switched the server NIC back to autosense, and reran an 80mb file transfer that previously took 11 minutes to complete. This time it took 30 seconds!


Thanks, Chad!  Thanks, Google!  Thanks, Dell (not!)



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