2004-12-23 “Mary, Did You Know?”

Well, Christmas is almost here. I’m putting this out early as our family will be doing our annual “visit the relatives, and stuff ourselves silly” effort on Christmas Day!  Ann Landers used to always write a Christmas Day letter to her readers. I’m not nearly as proficient with words, but I certainly do hope and pray that everyone has a happy and joyous time this weekend – whether it’s spent with family or friends or neighbors. But please don’t spend it alone. Loneliness is the worst thing I could imagine ever wishing on someone. We, as humans, have been given … Continue reading 2004-12-23 “Mary, Did You Know?”

2004-12-19 “12 Days of Christmas”

Christmas is less than a week away. There’s even a cold front coming through Florida this week – just in time! Whatever your religious preference, one thing we can all agree on is that each of us can make this world a better place by the way we care for one another, help one another, and love one another. Love is contagious. “Love changes everything”, as Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote in one of his songs. Merry Christmas to everyone!   And in the spirit of Christmas, our song of the week takes a look at how the infamous 15 minute … Continue reading 2004-12-19 “12 Days of Christmas”

2004-12-12 “Jingle Bells”

Well, I just spent a fast paced weekend in South Bend, Indiana … and changing planes in Chicago. The weather got considerably colder as the weekend went on, but thankfully, no snow on the ground. I actually love the cold, as long as I know I’m returning to sunny Florida. The cold weather also can get us in the mood for the Christmas season. So, let’s jump into this week’s holiday toe tapper ….Jingle Bells (aka Microsoft)Working through the nightOn a server that we gotDid we load it right? Where’s that book I bought? Backup’s almost doneSurfin’ really flies, What … Continue reading 2004-12-12 “Jingle Bells”

2004-12-04 “O Come, All Ye Faithful”

It’s December … it’s the holidays … traffic is getting worse … so let’ get into some holiday cheer!   O Come All Ye Faithful aka: Reboot, please, my Server   1. Reboot, please, my server I’ve been working all night Reboot, yes, reboot so that I can go home.   Come and behold it, S-B-S has loaded   Give thanks that it is working, Give thanks that Sharepoint’s humming Give thanks, ’cause I am running – to my car!   2. Downloads are a problem Patching every system O why, yes, O why must we do so much work? … Continue reading 2004-12-04 “O Come, All Ye Faithful”