2004-12-04 “O Come, All Ye Faithful”

It’s December … it’s the holidays … traffic is getting worse … so let’ get into some holiday cheer!


O Come All Ye Faithful

aka: Reboot, please, my Server


1. Reboot, please, my server

I’ve been working all night

Reboot, yes, reboot so that I can go home.


Come and behold it,

S-B-S has loaded


Give thanks that it is working,

Give thanks that Sharepoint’s humming

Give thanks, ’cause I am running – to my car!


2. Downloads are a problem

Patching every system

O why, yes, O why must we do so much work?


Come and download it

Hackers are devoted


Download and fix your systems,

Be sure to set restrictions,

Backup your root partitions — SBS Rocks!

Kevin Weilbacher [SBS-MVP]
“The days pass by so quickly now, the nights are seldom long”



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