Firefox and SBS

Here’s how to make Firefox work on an SBS network. 1. Obviously, you want to first install Firefox on your workstation. Here’s where to download the latest version of Firefox: 2. After installing Firefox, click on Tools > Options > General > Connection Settings. Then click on the radio button for ‘Manual Proxy Configuration’, and then click on ‘Use the same proxy for all protocols’. Enter the IP address of your server, and set the port number to 8080.  

2005-01-09 “O Canada!”

Several of the SBS MVP’s and other SBS’ers are gathering up in Toronto for Harry Brelsford’s tour stop there. Meanwhile I am just returning from my annual weekend retreat. With so little time, the song of the week will honor the country just to the north of the USA —O Canada![aka O! S-B-S] O, S-B-S!We work and slave all day!Load patches now, in all thy many ways!With e-very spam we see thee blockOur ser-ver running strong!From day to day,O, S-B-S, we stand on guard for thee!God keep our disks, defragged and clean,O, S-B-S, we stand on guard for thee,O, S-B-S, … Continue reading 2005-01-09 “O Canada!”

2005-01-01 “Silent Night”

So, here we were having a New Year’s Eve party at out house last night, and I was talking to one of the other family’s children and asked them if they new any New Year’s Eve songs. Well, outside of Auld Lang Syne, there are none! So, here’s what we came up with while sipping on a pina colada (yep, in Florida, it was warm last night!):   Happy New Years (to the tune of Silent Night)   Happy New Years Let’s have a cheer! It’s so great To stay up late Now it’s time for a celebration Prayers for peace to … Continue reading 2005-01-01 “Silent Night”

Compress Old Files Reg fix

When running ‘Disk Cleanup’ on a Windows 2000 or XP workstations, you may have notice that it pauses for a long time when checking for files to be compressed. One of things on my regular to do list is to edit the registry file to automatically bypass this step in Disk Cleanup. First, here’s how to do it manually (at the end of the article I provide a one line registry file to do it automatically): 1. Click on Start > Run > Regedit  (or Regedt32.exe)2. Backup your current registry. To do this, click on File > Export and enter a … Continue reading Compress Old Files Reg fix