2005-02-27 “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head”

Took my family to Cypress Gardens yesterday (between Tampa and Orlando) to see a concert with Billy Joe Royals, Gary Lewis & the Playboys, and B.J. Thomas. The guitarist for BJ’s band is my cousin, Tom. What a great concert! And the weather co-operated as well.Today’s another story … it’s been raining all day long, with prediction for it to continue. So, selecting the song of the week was an easy one … let’s start tapping our toes … as we sing along with B.J. Thomas’ hit song:Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head(aka Downloads Keep Crashin’ All My Disks)Downloads keep crashin’ … Continue reading 2005-02-27 “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head”

Overcoming slow CompanyWeb startup

REVISED Feb. 27, 2005 [Thanks to a tip from Steve Foster!] It’s a well known fact that the first person each day that attempts to access the CompanyWeb Sharepoint Site on an SBS2003 server will encounter a delay. Ray Fong previously offered a modification to the IIS Application Pool as a possible workaround – see http://msmvps.com/kwsupport/archive/2004/03/14/3911.aspx – but that does not completely solve the problem of the first person getting hit with a long delay before the companyweb’s home page appears. With an assist from Steve Foster, you can create a scheduled task on your server to start up IE every morning prior … Continue reading Overcoming slow CompanyWeb startup

Lazy man’s way to track user logon/logoff

I always like to find easy ways to do things. Mick recently shared in the public newsgroup how he maintains a log file of user’s logons and logoffs. Step 1: Create the following two files using Notepad or your favorite text editor: ——logon.cmd—-echo logon %username% %computername% %date% %time% >> \\sbs\share\logon.log—–logoff.cmd—–echo logoff %username% %computername% %date% %time% >> \\sbs\share\logon.log Step 2: Update Group Policy to run the appropriate batch file. In Group Policy, go to:User Configuration-> Windows Settings-> Scripts (Logon/Logoff)-> Logon Step 3: As users log on and off, your log file should look something like this:logon June VSXP Tue 22/02/2005 10:39:51.12logoff … Continue reading Lazy man’s way to track user logon/logoff

2005-02-19 “The Letter”

Someone asked in the newsgroup recently what would happen if all email suddenly stopped, or iif businesses failed to get critical email.In today’s world, that would be a major blow, for sure. Which is why dealing with spam and spyware (I call it “scumware”, personally) is so important. I’ve been using Sunbelt’s IHate Spam for Exchange on a couple of servers, and recently (due to the Microsoft takeover of Giant), Sunbelt had to switch their spam engine to now use Cloudmark. I can’t complain. Previously I would have 100-135 spam mail in my quarantine boc that I would have to … Continue reading 2005-02-19 “The Letter”

2005-02-12 “My Girl”

Well, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us … so be sure to tell the special person(s) in your life that you love them. We send out a special Valentine love song this week to someone we all love (?)—My Girl  — aka Bill Gates   WAV: http://www.home-turf.com/shorts/Music/page01/Mygirl.wav I’ve got downloads left to do today. And it’s late at nightAnd I’ve got to be done by May. I guess you’d say What can make me work this way? Bill Gates (bill gates, bill gates) Talkin’ ’bout Bill Gates (bill gates). I’ve got so much spyware, that my friends envy me. But I’ve … Continue reading 2005-02-12 “My Girl”

2005-02-06 “When I’m Sixty Four”

There was no SOTW last week ’cause I was in New Orleans enjoying myself at the annual NADA convention. Not that I couldn’t have done a post, but not at the price they were charging … I was in a $300 a night room, and they had the nerve to want to charge $17.95 a day for Internet access from my hotel room. No way!Well, this is Super Bowl Sunday here in the States. Eagles vs the Patriots. Funny, both names are great symbols of our country. Anyway, to avoid the Janet Jackson fiasco of last year, they’ve asked Paul … Continue reading 2005-02-06 “When I’m Sixty Four”

2005-01-22 “Just an Old Fashion Love Song”

I was in Las Vegas this past week for a conference, where (a) I attended my first Vegas wedding -our office manager got married while out there), (b) I saw 10 singing Elvis (does that make it an Elvii??), and (c) I saw a spectaculor impersonation and show of the Blues Brothers.   All of the music and entertainment got me to think about how things are still the same, even though we change. The one constant is our ability to show love, and receive love – that will change the world!So, let’s go back to a song made famous by … Continue reading 2005-01-22 “Just an Old Fashion Love Song”

Who’s listening to my ports?

A recent post on the newsgroup wanted to know how to determine what application may be listening out onto a port on outr network. Susan Bradley and David Copeland offered the following advice: 1. From a  command line, type:  netstat -ano . This will give you a list of TCP/UDP ports, their current state, and what Windows application (PID#) is attached. Here’s an example of what you would see: C:\netstat -anoActive Connections  Proto  Local Address  Foreign Address   State       PID  TCP         LISTENING   1028  TCP         LISTENING   952  TCP         LISTENING   532 2. Now, open up your Task Manager, click on View > Select … Continue reading Who’s listening to my ports?

Blackberry and SBS

Well, I’ve spent the better part of several days trying to connect my first Blackberry to an SBS server. After trying to do it on my own, I finally contacted Cingular/Blackberry (BB) support. Here’s the lowdown (aftere I first do some venting) — VENTING: It must be SOP that Cingular puts you on hold for 45 minutes before you ever talk to a human being. By the 3rd day, I was almost getting use to the drone of their pre-recorded messages. After talking to front line people twice, I finally got patched over to a true BB support person (in Canada, … Continue reading Blackberry and SBS

Unofficial survey of cell phone / PDA / Pocket PCs

I recently asked some of the SBS MVP’s what products they use for cell phones or PDAs. I’ve listed their comments below. If you have are using something different, please post a response! 1) Cellphone  Sprint: Sanyo RL 4920. Just upgraded from Sany 8100 (didn’t use the camera). Pros: easy to use; great, great battery life!  Cons: Signal sensitivity not as good as the 8100.  Pocket PC:  HP iPAQ 5555   Pros:  Lots of built in features: Bluetooth and 802.11b, fingerprint reader. Cons: Battery Life stinks!  Wish I could trade it.  Only Expansion Slot is SD.  Never had any trouble with OL2003 and … Continue reading Unofficial survey of cell phone / PDA / Pocket PCs