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Well, I’ve spent the better part of several days trying to connect my first Blackberry to an SBS server. After trying to do it on my own, I finally contacted Cingular/Blackberry (BB) support. Here’s the lowdown (aftere I first do some venting) —

VENTING: It must be SOP that Cingular puts you on hold for 45 minutes before you ever talk to a human being. By the 3rd day, I was almost getting use to the drone of their pre-recorded messages. After talking to front line people twice, I finally got patched over to a true BB support person (in Canada, naturally) today. I literally was on the phone from 10:30am until 2pm — all for a single Blackberry!!!!

SETUP: I have a single BB 7290, and I was trying to use the BB redirector/desktop software to sync up email and contacts. I was told by BB that it should work without my having to forward incoming emails out to the BB via Exchange. Yea, right. Well, I couldn’t make it work unless otherwise.

Today, with BB tech support with me on the phone, we totally reconfigured my redirector/desktop, stopped Exchange form forwarding the email, and got everything to work.

SOLUTION: Part of the problem is that the BB desktop/redirector does NOT work well with Cached Exchange mode. So they had me setup a second MAPI profile in Outlook, with cached mode disabled, and used that profile to configure the desktop/redirector. It didn’t work right away, but I could here him typing furiously on his keyboard, and lo and behold, the emails started to fly.

CONCLUSIONS: Why, you may ask, was I on the phone so long? Answer: 1 hour wait /on hold, 1 houre to walk me tru uninstalling / reinstalling / and configuring both the BB and the software, and then 1.5 hours to work on the BB locking up when I was trying to sync up to my public contact folder. Yes, my public contact folder! I was thrilled when I heard they supported it — without my having to copy the contaxcts to a temporary folder under my Inbox.

Unfortunately somewhere between the desktop softwar,e the USB cable, and the BB phone itself, it kept freezing up. Finally found out that there was a KB article that lock ups may occur if trying to *only* sync up a Public folder. Onmce included syncing up an empty person contact folder, the syncing and uploading worked like a charm.

Well, that’s my experience. Let’s see how things are working on Monday!

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  1. Never had any problems with the Blackberry redirector on the workstation. Have a couple of clinets with this configuration.

    Implemented Blackberry Enterprise server (version 3.6) for a client the other week and it went well – just by following the instructions, however one thing that happened that caused a lot of confusion and lost time. It reset permissions on the IS and when creating a user account, exchange wouldn’t create the email addresses.

    Reran domainprep and all was well. If anyone is interested, I can supply more details.

  2. Hello Guys

    Firstly, please please answer, I have never had anyone answer anything i have posted to forums and i am rapidly loosing faith.

    OK i have installed Bes software on a new win2k server, i installed the users and the bez software and all went well. Problem is i dont know how to make the connection work and i think i am failing on 2 issues. 1. If an ISA firewall is being used do i need to load an iSA client on the bes server? if so which one and how?

    Secondly i cannot open the port for 3101, i have created a new packet filter rule for both direction and its not working, a portscan shows no open ports and a telnet to 3101 also fails, any help, ideas, pointers will help me a graet dea as i have spent the day reading google pages….

    Thanks in Advance

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