2005-01-22 “Just an Old Fashion Love Song”

I was in Las Vegas this past week for a conference, where (a) I attended my first Vegas wedding -our office manager got married while out there), (b) I saw 10 singing Elvis (does that make it an Elvii??), and (c) I saw a spectaculor impersonation and show of the Blues Brothers.


All of the music and entertainment got me to think about how things are still the same, even though we change. The one constant is our ability to show love, and receive love – that will change the world!

So, let’s go back to a song made famous by the Three Dog Night, and written by Paul Williams:

Just An Old Fashioned Love Song
aka: Just An Old Fashioned Program
WAV: http://www.geocities.com/thejunction27/justanoldfashionedlovesongthreedognight.wav

Just an old fashioned program, running on my new PC

And wrapped around the software are the legal words that promises I’ll never see

You’ll swear you’ve heard it before as you slowly load the disks

No need in registering now, ’cause they’ve never send a fix …

Just an old fashioned program

Written back in nineteen hundred and eighty-three

Just an old fashioned program

One I’m sure they wrote for the Apple III


To run our code on it, and wait to see just how much time it really takes

To underscore our love affair with cr*ppy code and programs that we know will break

You’ll swear you’ve heard it before as I slowly ramble on

No need in fixing it now, ’cause the patches all are gone


Just an old fashioned program

Running now on very slow Pentium III’s

Just an old fashioned program

One I’m sure they wrote for you and me

Kevin Weilbacher [SBS-MVP]
“The days pass by so quickly now, the nights are seldom long”

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