2005-06-05 “Yellow Submarine”

According to the birth certificate, today is my birthday. So officially, I’m another year older, and deeper in debt. We had a fun birthday party last night — we invited a houseful of friends to come over with their guitars and we sang Beatle’s songs until we were hoarse, and all the pie and ice cream were long ago devoured.

Lately though, I’ve been staying up late at night working on new servers, old servers, remote connection problems, and the like. That all get’s old real quick. So it’s time like those that breaking into a song really helps me get up and going again. So, if you’re tired, or worn out, or getting older … let’s jump in and starting humming along with a crowd favorite from the Beatles …

Yellow Submarine

aka Dingy Cubicles  (with a tip of the hat to Dilbert!)

In the town where I do work
And my boss can view his ‘Rolls’
And his office is quite huge
While we slave away in cubicles.

So we work both day and night
Hardly time to take a stroll

But we laugh and sing these songs
In our dingy cubicles



We all work in our dingy cubicles
Dingy cubicles, dingy cubicles

We all work in our dingy cubicles
Dingy cubicles, dingy cubicles


And our friends are all on board
Many more of them work next door
As rubber bands begin to fly:

do, do, do do, doot, doot, doot  …



Will we live a life of ease?
Everyone of us, wants to know
Sky of flourescent light bulbs, 

and sea of musty carpets
In our dingy cubicles.


Kevin Weilbacher [SBS-MVP]
“The days pass by so quickly now, the nights are seldom long

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