2005-05-01 “Help!”

Another month has just passed us by. Where, oh where, did the time go? We celebrated my wife’s birthday last evening with some friends. We brought along 3 guitars, a piano, tambourine and maracas and sang right through the Beatles and John Denver books untill we were too hoarse to sing anymore! One of the favorites that night was the Beatles’ song ‘Help’. And it is still apropos today. We all need help — that’s why we come to these newsgroups with our questions and problems. So, without further delay …Help! – by the BeatlesWAV: http://www.iqm.ro/beatles/beatles/help!.wav Help, I need some patches, Help, … Continue reading 2005-05-01 “Help!”

2005-04-23 “All I Have To Do Is Dream”

Another busy week at work. My wife and I finally had to schedule a wekeend away just so we could see and talk with each other. So I get up today to find out that a recent update from Trend caused servers and workstations around the world to freeze up. They got a newer update out within several hours, but it caused a late night for many of us who were otherwise planning on some R&R.   So, to all of those who were dreaming of a relaxful weekend, our song of the week goes back 46 years … one … Continue reading 2005-04-23 “All I Have To Do Is Dream”

2005-04-16 “What a Day for a Daydream”

Well, for those of us in the good ole USA, we (hopefully) survived Tax Day yesterday! Microsoft also released several new security patches on Patch Tueaday, which I’m sure is keeping us busy! And then, we had to deal with the issues caused by the release of Windows 2003 SP1 (the Not Ready for SBS prime time). And JeffM and others are preparing for an SBS Migration tour across Canada.All in all, it’s been a busy couple of weeks. With spring in the air (for those of us in the northern hemisphere), let’s kick off our shoes, lay back with … Continue reading 2005-04-16 “What a Day for a Daydream”

2005-04-09 “Wind Beneath My Wings”

I was going to start off by saying, “what a busy week it was” — but then again, every week is a busy week! I recently heard that the French are considering moving away from a 35 hour work week —  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7265807/ Well, whatever number of hours we work, there always seems to be more that we could do, or want to do. Hopefully, everyone takes time out to be with the ones they love, and tell them so!Being the IT manager / administrator / geek doesn’t usually come with much praise. If the computers are working, the users don’t … Continue reading 2005-04-09 “Wind Beneath My Wings”

2005-04-02 “My Father’s Eye” & “Can’t Say Goodbye”

A change of pace this week … although computers and Microsoft are great,  let’s never forget what’s important in our lives.Every one of us (hopefully) has someone we look up to and admire. For many of us, it was our father. My dad never said many words to me. Being German, he knew how to make a grunt mean that he loved me one day, or was upset with me on another! But there not a day since he died 19 years ago this month that I don’t miss him, and that he is always on my mind.And, the world today awaits … Continue reading 2005-04-02 “My Father’s Eye” & “Can’t Say Goodbye”

2005-03-26 “Homeward Bound”

With this being Easter and Purim weekend, many of us will be travelling to spend quality time with family and friends. This week’s song of the week was a request by Hollis Paul, and fits into the theme of traveling home. So, let’s jump on the Simon and Garfunkle bus and start singing:   Homeward Bound (aka Blue Screen of Death) I’m sitting at my new workstation.Got a server for my destination (o-o-oh)On a tour of download sites,  I’m zipping files all though the nightAnd ev’ry patch is neatly planned for a tech and a one-man band. (but wait…)   Blue Screen of … Continue reading 2005-03-26 “Homeward Bound”

2005-03-19 “Take Me Home, Country Roads”

There was no Song of The Week (SOTW) last week ’cause I was in South Bend, Indiana – home to the University of Notre Dame – and freezing to death!   Maybe it’s just me, but it sure seems like every part of my life is getting busier, with less time to slow down and smell the roses. However, with good friends who are Irish to the bone, we did find time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Here’s two things you may not know about St. Patrick. First, he was born in Wales, not Ireland. He was taken as a slave … Continue reading 2005-03-19 “Take Me Home, Country Roads”

2005-03-05 “Margaritaville”

I had to spend several days working on the east coast of Florida (Titusville / Cape Canaveral area) this past week. While driving over there I caught Jimmy Buffet’s trademark song ‘Margaritaville’. Although I’ve never really liked the song, I have to admit that it’s a crowd pleaser. Several years ago in South Carolina we caught a one man act and he did a great rendition of the song. So, with sunny, cool weather in the air here in Florida, on the first week in March, as I’m grilling pork chops for dinner (with apologies to all you vegetarians out … Continue reading 2005-03-05 “Margaritaville”

Moving SBS to new hardware

Here’s a  response I provided to a recent post asking how to move an SBS server to new hardware. In this instance, the user wanted to both upgrade from SBS2000 to SBS2003, and they also wanted to move to new hardware: There’s more than one way to do a migration (moving SBS2000/2003 to new hardware), and a lot of things add into the mix — like how many users you have on youre server, any specific applications, etc.If it were me, given your scenario, I would SKIP any thoughts of upgrading to SBS2003 first on your current server, before migrating. Since … Continue reading Moving SBS to new hardware

FTP and ISA 2004

SBS 2003 SP1 Premium includes ISA 2004. After upgrading to SP1, I discovered that I could not do an FTP upload from any workstation – it was failing with a 500 access denied error. Here’s the fix: On your SBS server, open up ISA Server Mgmt, click on Firewall Policy, and scroll down and locate the policy labeled ‘SBS Internet Access Rule’. Right click on this rule, and then click on the option ‘Configure FTP’. In the popup window that opens, click to UNCHECK the ‘read only’ option, then click Apply, then OK. THEN — look towards the top of the … Continue reading FTP and ISA 2004