Moving / Deleting SP1 uninstall directories

In the public newsgroup recently someone asked:  I have 2 locations of what seem to be installation files for SP1 for our
SBS 2003 server: c:\Windows\$NtService Pack Uninstall$ and c:\windows\Service Pack Files. Can they be deleted now? The update appears to have installed correctly. I need the space on that volume!

Our man on the spot in England (Steve Foster) had the clear, concise answer:

Yes, you can archive the %NTServicePackUninstall$ files off somewhere (these are only needed if you uninstall the service pack for any reason).

However, do not delete the ServicePackFiles folder, as it is needed since it acts as a supplementary install source for future system modifications (eg add RIS , Mac Services, etc). You can safely set the folder to be compressed by NTFS, though (mind you, it probably won’t compress much).

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