Treo 650 and SBS2003

Here’s my initial experience with setting up a Treo 650 to an SBS2003 server.

In all cases, I used the VersaMail utility software. Some vendors may automatically install VersaMail on their Treo’s, whereas others supply it on the CDROM and you must upload (install) VersaMail on your Treo.

I’ve configured and tested the Treo 650 both accessing Exchange server directly via Activesync, as well as using IMAP to pull email in. Using Activesync, the Treo automatically pulls in emails on a scheduled basis you select (5 min, 15 min, etc.). With IMAP, however, I kept getting errors when the prescheduled download of email would kick in. This happened with two different SBS2003 servers. But clicking ‘Get’ to manually pull down new email always works for me.

Exchange/Activesync Basic Settings:
1. Account name: Home
2. Mail Service: Exchange Active Sync
3. Username/password: my SBS username and password
(note: I did not have to add a leading “domain\“ to my username)
4. Email Address: my SBS public email address
5. Mail server:

Advanced Settings:
6. Incoming port: 443
7. Use SSL is checked
8. Proxy Server: 80
9. Proxy authentication: unchecked

IMAP Settings:
1. Make sure you enable IMAP services on your SBS server
2. Account name: Home2
3. Mail Service: Other/IMAP
4. Username/password: my SBS username/password
5. Email address: my SBS public email address
6. Incoming mail server:
7. Outgoing mail server: I used my ISP’s mail server (

Advanced Settings:
8. Port #: 143
9. SSL was NOT selected
10. Outgoing Server Settings:
– Port 25
– Use Secure SSL connection
– Use authentication (enter username/password for your outgoing ISP )

2 thoughts on “Treo 650 and SBS2003

  1. Kevin,

    Not sure I understand #5.

    5. Mail server:

    Are you saying you host a website on your SBS with a .com address? When I setup my Treo I used the server name and was able to connect. Using anything other than the server name results in an error.

    Also, Is IMAP a neccessary component to make the Treo work? I didn’t setup this when configuring my server. The only change I made to CEICW was to add mobile access.

    How does your Treo know that an email was sent to you? Can you post a step by step? I’ve tried working through some other step by steps and still cannot get the Treo to sync over the Internet. It only syncs when connected. Any thoughts?



  2. I’d be interested if you had to import your SBS2003’s Web Certificate into the phone to get SSL communicating to work via Exchange ActiveSync.

    I’m using Palmone to sync the Outlook contacts via the phone’s USB cable, and am having a hard time getting the Exchange ActiveSync to work (neither Palm or the carrier hasn’t been much help…)

    Please and thanks for any advice you can provide.

    gharshenin at yahoo dot com

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