More on SBS login scripts

This post comes from an SBS user (thanks, TK!). Because there have been various requests for login script help, I wanted to post something that may help those who aren’t so familiar with writing a batch file or login script.DISCLAIMER: I’m not an instructor, I haven’t written any books, I don’t write code for a living, and there may be other ways to accomplish the same thing as I have written.  This is intended to help others so please keep your opinions to yourself unless you have something constructive to add that will benefit others.  Additionally, this example script is intended for tutorial purposes and will need … Continue reading More on SBS login scripts

Tablet PC’s anyone?

Here are some recent, random thoughts from some of the SBS MVP’s on which tablet PC to get. First, some links: 1. Right now I’m torn between the Acer C110 and C300. I’m leaning towards the C110 (which is only 3.2 pounds!) and it has everything I want… but no integrated optical drive. Any recommendations (not necessarily within Acer)? Also, advice on where to get a good deal will be also appreciated it. 2. I just purchased a Fujitsu Stylistic 5020 Tablet, with the docking kit, 2GB Ram and the top processor.    It is quite light, and I have … Continue reading Tablet PC’s anyone?

2005-08-06 “(Listen) Do You Want to Know a Secret”

Sparks were flying this past week in Las Vegas as researcher Michael Lynn, just prior to giving a speech at the Black Hat security conference, quit his job, and then proceeded to change his speech to discuss a known flaw in Cisco routers, and actually demostrated how he could break into one —  within 5 seconds. The legal reps from all three parties scurried to make sure that Michael Lynn would not talk about his findings in the future. But the damage had been done.<< Getting on my soapbox >>Why do I bring this up? Some, but not many of us, … Continue reading 2005-08-06 “(Listen) Do You Want to Know a Secret”

2005-07-31 “Summer In The City”

So, here we are at the end of July, which is important for several reasons. First, my wife and I celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary this past week. Second, we’re half way through the summer heat and humidity of Florida weather. And third, we’re close enough to start our countdown to this year’s SMB Nation Conference, to be held in Redmond – see .Speaking of the heat and humidity, let’s turn to a fun song from John Sebastian, and the Lovin’ Spoonfuls … originally released in late 1966!Summer in the City aka Spammers in my Server   MP3 Clip: MP3: (note: … Continue reading 2005-07-31 “Summer In The City”