Tablet PC’s anyone?

Here are some recent, random thoughts from some of the SBS MVP’s on which tablet PC to get. First, some links:

1. Right now I’m torn between the Acer C110 and C300. I’m leaning towards the C110 (which is only 3.2 pounds!) and it has everything I want… but no integrated optical drive. Any recommendations (not necessarily within Acer)? Also, advice on where to get a good deal will be also appreciated it.

2. I just purchased a Fujitsu Stylistic 5020 Tablet, with the docking kit, 2GB Ram and the top processor.    It is quite light, and I have to say it is the best piece of equipment I have ever purchased. 

3. I really like the HP TC1100 I’m using. I added a gig of aftermarket RAM to it (was 512) and very happy with it. The slate is 3 lbs and with the keyboard it is at 4 or 4.1 lbs. I went with the HP because of the glass screen and smaller form factor (more like a pad of paper) than the larger Tablets with rotational screens.

4. I’ve got myself a Toshiba Portege M200 tablet – it’s fantastic.  I got 5hrs on a recent trip to Singapore on battery and it still had some to spare.  It’s light and fairly fast.  It’s not one to run VPCs on though – at least not multiple VPCs at the same time.

5. I got my TabletPC yesterday!!!! Fujitsu Lifebook T4000. Originally [I was going to] get an Acer C110, but it seemed impossible to get the one I wanted. [T]he new IBM/Lenovo X41 was pretty cool, but too expensive for me. Anyway, I think I got a good deal on a refurbished model-> Intel Centrino 1.8, 512MB ram, 60GB HD, Bluetooth, Firewire and built-in DVD+/-RW with a Port Replicator and a Car/Air charger for ~$1600 (with $100 off + 5% student discount). Most importantly its only 4.1 pounds and battery lasts 5 hours (which is a significant improvement over my current HP, 8.2lbs and less than 2hr running time J). I have only played with it for one day (and already upgraded the memory to 1.5GB) but it’s an impressive little machine.

6. FedEx delivered my new Acer TravelMate C314XMi today . . .   2.0 GHz Pentium M, 1 gig RAM, 100 GB HD, gigabit lan, etc. etc.  now its time to start playing and get everything loaded   J

3 thoughts on “Tablet PC’s anyone?

  1. I will add my recomendation for the M200. I support a K-12 network and we have about 300 in the hands of 7-12 students and faculty. The M200 has survived this torture test better than any other laptop yet. The plus for me is lack of moving parts such as optical drive. Just less things to break.

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