SmartHost and Outgoing Authentication

If you are setting up your SBS 2003 Exchange to send your outgoing email through your ISP, you need to set up your SMTP connector for using Smarthost. Also, many ISP’s now require outgoing verification. Here’s how to do it:

1. Open up Server Mgmt, click on Advanced Mgmt > Exchange > Connectors
2. Right click on SmallBusiness SMTP Connector, and click on Properties
3. Click to enable the option: ‘Forward all mail through this connector to the following smart hosts’
4. In the field below, you can enter either an IP address or your ISP’s outgoing SMPT server name
– If entering an IP address, you must include the square brackets. Example: []
– An example of an ISP’s SMTP name is Verizon’s, which is:
5. Next, click on the Advanced button, then click on Outbound Security
6. Click ti enable basic authentication, then click Modify, and enter the username and password you received from your ISP for sending mail through them.

2 thoughts on “SmartHost and Outgoing Authentication

  1. Hi, Kevin…thanks for that tidbit.

    One thing to remember with Verizon is that some of their accounts DO NOT ALLOW exchange servers to forward mail through them. I had this happen a few times in Central Mass…all of the SMTP smarthost settings were fine; the server could send local mail fine; but any forwarded mail got an SMTP error 530 or 550 iirc.

    I ended up using DynDNS’ mailhop outbound service and everything’s been smooth for them since.

    Just another one from the Big Vz.

    -Greg C

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