Spamcatcher and changing Exchange port

I like it when I learn something new. Recently a user posted the following problem:

I’m trying to install Mailshell’s SpamCatcher, it seems to be a pretty simple setup, there’s not too many variables, but I’m doing something wrong. We have Small Business Server 2000.

For Destination SMTP Server, it asks for Server and Port.  I put in what I thought my server’s name is.  when I clicked Add, Port 25 came up automatically. The description says: “Specify where you want your email routed to.  The proxy will round robin from your list of server entries.”  We only have the one.

Inbound Listening Port also says 25.  The description says: “This specifies the port that the Proxy will listen to for incoming connections.”

When I click Apply, I get the following error message in the event log: Could not bind to port: 25 on address: ALL.
 We also run Symantec Mail Security for Exchange.  I’m thinking I maybe should disable this to see if that makes a difference, but I hate to turn this off.  This program finds and filters virus-attachments quite frequently.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Michael Jenkins answer provided the solution to the problem:

I suggest you change your Exchange port to 6000 (it will now be 25 and in use for exchange) and then set the spamcatcher to point to the servers IP on port 6000 but listen on 25. It looks like you have two apps listening on port 25. This will fail.

In the Exchange smtp service propertis, click advanced and edit the port.

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