Ejecting backup tape

One of the common questions we get in the SBS newsgroups is: “I’m using the SBS Tape Backup Wizard. How can I have it eject the tape when it is finished?” The answer is that the SBS Tape Wizard does not provide an option to have the tape eject. You can, however, do this manually, by creating a batch file and scheduling it to run after your tape backup process should have completed. So, on my work server, my tape backup starts at 7:30pm, and iti finished around 11:30pm. I schedule my “eject” script to run at 5am in the morning. … Continue reading Ejecting backup tape

Terminal Server or Citrix

Someone asked recently whether it would be best to go with Citrix or Microsoft’s std Terminal Server product. IMO, especially for the small business marketplace, with Windows 2003 TS, Microsoft has given us a product that we can use instead of Citrix. Vlad concurs, and wrote the following: Microsoft didn’t want to develop multi-user functionality for NT 3.51 so they licensed kernel source to Citrix. With release of 2000, Microsoft licensed back the rdp code which now runs both Citrix and Terminal Services (actually Citrix uses a slightly enhanced protocol called ica). The advantages of Citrix in mid-sized business are … Continue reading Terminal Server or Citrix

UPS Recommendations

Some folks in the SmallBiz community were asking about recommendations on UPS’s. Here was the original post: Since UPSes were mentioned recently, I was wondering what you all are recommending for your clients with a lower-end server. At the high end we have APC SmartUPS. Are there others that do about the same thing but are cheaper? Other brands? What about using the APC BackUPS BX 1500 VA or similar? What do you lose by not using the SmartUPS? I would like to find a cost-effective solution but I don’t want to skimp where skimping should not be done! I … Continue reading UPS Recommendations

Block specific email attachments via SBS

You can run CEICW from SBS 2003 and select which attachments to be blocked. Or you can also make those same changes manually, per the instructions below: 1. Open Start, click Run, type %sbsprogramdir%\Networking in the Open box, and then press ENTER. 2. In the dialog box, find the SecAttsConfig.xml file, right-click the file and select Edit. 3. If you would like to allow the .vbs attachment (as an example), find the <Attachment Enabled=”True” Extension=”vb” Description=”VBScript file”/> sentence, change it to <Attachment Enabled=”False” Extension=”vb” Description=”VBScript file”/>. NOTE: True = BLOCKED,  False = ALLOWED 4. Click File in the menu, and … Continue reading Block specific email attachments via SBS

Putting those batch commands to sleep…

Funny … just when you think the whole world knows about some thing, you find out that ain’t always the case. Someone asked recently how to create a delay between executing two separate commands in a batch file. The answer (of course)  is to use the ‘sleep.exe’ utility. But in Microsoft’s infinite wisdom, they don’t just give it to you … you’ve got to download it, and install it. And then remember to install it on every workstation that may need torun the batch script you’re creating. Sleep.exe is included in the free Windows 2003 Resource Kit, which you can download … Continue reading Putting those batch commands to sleep…

Why I Like Using “Swing Migration”

Jeff Middleton’s Swing Migration (www.sbsmigration.com) methodology has been used successfully around the world. You can use it to simply move a current SBS installation to new hardware, or to also upgrade from sBS2000 to SBS2003 at the same time. I thought I would post what I liked about using SBS Migration: It alows you work on the new server completely offline from the current server, allowing you to setup and configure everything without impacting users and current server. In fact, you can do it with the new server back at your office, and not at the custome site It does require a third computer that … Continue reading Why I Like Using “Swing Migration”

2005-11-16 “If I Could Read Your Mind”

Mid week change — I missed last weekend, and this weekend is going to be just as hectic, so I’m doing a mid-week version of the Song of the Week!   The last few weeks (err, months) have been very busy on the home front. We’ve been busy trying to simultaneously (a) fix up our old house to put on the market, (b) keep up with the construction of a new house, (c) deal with my wife’s relapse of the Lyme disease she had several years ago, (d) squeeze in time to spend with “the fam”ily, (e) and still have time … Continue reading 2005-11-16 “If I Could Read Your Mind”

Backup using External Hard Drives

This is a short compilation of responses from SBS consultants on how they are using external hard drives for SBS backups. Please add your thoughts and experiences First, read Susan’s blogs on: (1) Overview: http://msmvps.com/bradley/archive/2004/09/29/14590.aspx and (2) Tweaking NTBackup: http://msmvps.com/bradley/archive/2004/05/12/6318.aspx Various notes, comments, ideas: One thing I have noticed – when you set it to back up to a drive, it sets it to keep 2 backup files and if it does that it will probably result in there not being enough space on the Rev – so be sure to select only one file. It will give you an alert, but you … Continue reading Backup using External Hard Drives

How to know who’s using RWW?

This goes under the heading of: “Gee, I never thought about it, but now that you’ve asked, why don’t we have it?“ In this case, the question is: How can I know who is currently using RWW, or get a report of who has used RWW? There’s nothing in the Server Mgmt report for this information. Best one can do is to open up Terminal Servies Manager console. For any session that shows both a user name and a computer name, then that is a local (internal) connection. But if a session only reports a user name (and no computer name), then … Continue reading How to know who’s using RWW?

2005-11-06 “(I Get By) With a Little Help from My Friends”

Besides all the features that our customers get by using SBS, one of the best things about SBS is the community involvement here in the newsgroups. Year after year, the SBS public newsgroups are rated as one of the best of the Microsoft’s user groups … not only because your questions are answered so quickly, or that we strive to answer virtually every question posted — but because of the breadth of committment from everyone involved.   Friends and committment and community is what makes SBS Rock.   The Beatle’s famous Sgt. Pepper’s album had a song about getting some little help … Continue reading 2005-11-06 “(I Get By) With a Little Help from My Friends”