How to know who’s using RWW?

This goes under the heading of: “Gee, I never thought about it, but now that you’ve asked, why don’t we have it?“

In this case, the question is: How can I know who is currently using RWW, or get a report of who has used RWW?

There’s nothing in the Server Mgmt report for this information. Best one can do is to open up Terminal Servies Manager console. For any session that shows both a user name and a computer name, then that is a local (internal) connection. But if a session only reports a user name (and no computer name), then that session is from an external session (RWW or MSTSC).

BTW, if you are interested, here is a summary of how a RWW session works:

  1. User navigates to the Computer Selection page of the Remote User Portal in a web browser, and is prompted to download the stanard Terminal Services ActiveX Component, if necessary.

  2. SBS queries the Active Directory for all internal client computers running an OS that supports Remote Desktop and provides the list to the user.

  3. User selects a computer from the list and presses Connect button.

  4. Server listens on TCP port 4125 which is already opened by firewall.

  5. SBS creates a connection to the internal client on port 3389 which is designed for TS and Remote Desktop.

  6. The TS ActiveX Control downloaded and installed on the external client creates a TS connection to the SBS server on port 4125.

  7. SBS Server forwards the connection to the internal Remote Desktop client or TS server as a TS/Remote Desktop client.

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