Block specific email attachments via SBS

You can run CEICW from SBS 2003 and select which attachments to be blocked. Or you can also make those same changes manually, per the instructions below:

1. Open Start, click Run, type %sbsprogramdir%\Networking in the Open box, and then press ENTER.

2. In the dialog box, find the SecAttsConfig.xml file, right-click the file and select Edit.

3. If you would like to allow the .vbs attachment (as an example), find the <Attachment Enabled=”True” Extension=”vb” Description=”VBScript file”/> sentence, change it to <Attachment Enabled=”False” Extension=”vb” Description=”VBScript file”/>.


4. Click File in the menu, and then click Save to save the change to the SecAttsConfig.xml file.

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