Ejecting backup tape

One of the common questions we get in the SBS newsgroups is: “I’m using the SBS Tape Backup Wizard. How can I have it eject the tape when it is finished?”

The answer is that the SBS Tape Wizard does not provide an option to have the tape eject. You can, however, do this manually, by creating a batch file and scheduling it to run after your tape backup process should have completed. So, on my work server, my tape backup starts at 7:30pm, and iti finished around 11:30pm. I schedule my “eject” script to run at 5am in the morning.

You will need to modify the eject script below to identify your tape device, which you can find by opening up your SBS2003 Server Mgmt Console, and going to the Remote Storage Manager section.

Tape Eject script:

REM: This script will eject the backup tape
echo off
rsm.exe eject /LF”ARCHIVE Python 06408-XXX SCSI Sequential Device” /astart

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  1. Or do like this in Command-prompt:

    Then your eject.bat script must look like:
    RSM eject /LG + (last-code) + /ASTART

    My eject.bat looks like

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