2005-10-30 “Somewhere, Over The Rainbow”

Tomorrow is Halloween – time for ghosts and goblins, if those kinds of things interest you. Personally, I think they put a ghost or goblin into every computer that’s built and every software program that’s been written. How else can you explain those random BSOD’s, reboots and crashes we have all experienced? Sometimes, what we need is a wizard who can divine the problem and solution for us.   Speaking of wizards, our song of the week is from a movie that’s in the top five movies of all times — all the way back from 1939, The Wizard of Oz, and … Continue reading 2005-10-30 “Somewhere, Over The Rainbow”

2005-10-23 “When I’m Sixty Four”

Time keeps rolling on. Microsoft celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. And last week the Rolling Stones rolled into town, here in Tampa, FL, for a concert … bet you didn’t kow they were still alive and kicking.   We all grow older every day. It’s fun hanging out with out friends. So a little lighter tune this week:Beatles – When I’m 64 aka When We’re Sixty Four WAV: http://www.iqm.ro/beatles/beatles/whenimsi.wav When I get older, sorting my files, many years from nowWill you still be sending me an e-mail rhyme, zipping photos, staying on-line?If I’d been up ’till quarter to three, would you … Continue reading 2005-10-23 “When I’m Sixty Four”

2005-10-15 “Good Vibrations”

SBS has gone through many changes — from version 4.0, 4.5, 2000, and to it’s current SBS 2003 SP1 look. And there’s more to come in the future. Each version seems to get better and better.   As we move our customers from one version to the next, or from old to new hardware, we have to deal with migrating everything to the new system. Jeff’s Swing Migration has been a proven success for many people.   And just as SBS keeps changing, songs keep changing. There are good songs, and there are bad songs. There are great songs, and then there … Continue reading 2005-10-15 “Good Vibrations”

2005-10-08 “The Candy Man”

Working on computers can be a life-long passion. And it can also be a day-long pain! Somewhere there’s a middle ground, where our love affair with computers don’t totally consume us. After all, they are only computers! And there are real human beings in our lives that need our attention. The great thing about this SBS community is that we have people who are equally fervent about life, as they are about SBS.So, taking off the shoes (figuratively speaking) and relaxing a bit, I recently went to the movies and saw Johnny Depp in the movie, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. … Continue reading 2005-10-08 “The Candy Man”

2005-09-18 “Hello, Dolly!”

I attended, and survived, SMB Nation last weekend. What a great conference, and what a great opportunity to meet many new people, and put some faces to names. Saying hello to 600 people is tough, but there were lot’s of opportunity to practice introducing yourself. Talk about saying “Hello”, last night I went to a musical play on the life and times of Louis Armstrong. One of his big hits just prior to his death was “Hello, Dolly”. So, it seemed to be a natural selection for our song of the week. I hope you enjoy it!Hello, Dolly(aka Hello, Windows)Hello, … Continue reading 2005-09-18 “Hello, Dolly!”

2005-09-03 “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother”

You may have noticed that the ‘Song of the Week’ machine has been quiet the last couple of weeks. I was on a retreat two weekends ago, and then we were preparing here in Florida for Hurricane Katrina last weekend.   Sobering times these are … once again the world has become even smaller, and the world community looks on those the we call our neighbors and our friends, whether 100 miles away or halfway around the world – and we are all saddened and shocked by the disaster that struck New Orleans and the Gulf coast region of the United States.   Curious … Continue reading 2005-09-03 “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother”