Renaming a workstation on SBS

It is often asked what’s the best way to rename a computer that is already part of an SBS network/domain. Many, including me, believed that it was necessary to first disjoin the computer from the domain, delete the computer from AD, and then rejoin it to the domain, assigning the new name. Now here comes news that will please your ears (with a tip of the sombero to Chad Gross): there’s a far simpler way! Simply logon to the computer in question as a domain administrator and rename the computer. In the process of renaming it, it will also update … Continue reading Renaming a workstation on SBS

No Instant Messenger in SBS2003?

This question gets asked quite a bit in the newsgroups. Here’s one consis response to this situation, with some alternatives, that was originally posted at APC’s web site: Instant messaging — where did it go? The instant messaging server function in Exchange 2000 was deleted from Exchange 2003 and thus from SBS 2003. For large corporations this isn’t a big problem as they can keep an Exchange 2000 IM Server running in their Exchange 2003 environment; but what can be done on an SBS server? One option is to use one of the free instant messaging services such as ICQ, … Continue reading No Instant Messenger in SBS2003?