Sending email from multiple domains

As you may know, you can configure SBS/Exchange to handle more than just one domain name for sending/receiving email by setting up an additional recipient policy for each domain that you want. For example, my SBS server at home is configured to use as it’s primary domain name. However, I also have it configured to handle my wife’s art business emails, under a separate domain of We also know that we configure SBS so that a user could have a designated email address for each such domain. The question is this: how do we configure SBS to allow that … Continue reading Sending email from multiple domains

One click remote assistance

One of the members of the Tampa Bay SBS user group (Travis Creighton) recently discovered how to offer a user on his network remote assistance without the user having to first send the invite to request remote assistance. Here is his post, in its entirety: I just found something I had been wanting to have for some time now.  I found how to bring up the “Offer Remote Assistance” app w/o navigating to the “Server Management” app.  (I know…I’m breaking the 70-282 rules.) The sweet thing is that I can use this URL on my XP workstation and not have to first connect to … Continue reading One click remote assistance