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One of the members of the Tampa Bay SBS user group (Travis Creighton) recently discovered how to offer a user on his network remote assistance without the user having to first send the invite to request remote assistance. Here is his post, in its entirety:

I just found something I had been wanting to have for some time now.  I found how to bring up the “Offer Remote Assistance” app w/o navigating to the “Server Management” app.  (I know…I’m breaking the 70-282 rules.) The sweet thing is that I can use this URL on my XP workstation and not have to first connect to the server in order to ‘offer’ Remote Assistance.  And without this URL, I had to talk them through sending me an invite.


Here is the jewel:



Paste that into a shortcut and you’re done!  Well, it worked for me.FYI, I dug this out of here: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business Server\Administration\itprosbsconsole.msc

I haven’t done but 2 connects with it yet on my own LAN but I’m courious if you can specify an external IP or other domain and connect to a foreign host…say through a tunnel.


Thanks, Travis!

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  1. Just got this link @ work a couple of weeks ago too. Seems like it has made it run through different support centers.

    Still using SMS though. 🙂

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