I’m Back!!!

Well, as Arnold Schwarzeger said  in Terminator 3: “I’m back!”

Back in February I had to put myself on a self imposed hiatur from posting in the public newsgroup, because oif a variety of personal and business related issues. Every person needs to learn when to say ‘No’, even to those things that he or she dearly loves. I recall a pastor once saying that every good thing is not God’s thing for your life.

So here’s the short version of my life the last 4 months:

1) At the beginning of 2006 I had a 3 day physical at the Mayo clinic in Minnesota, where an MRI scan showed some clump of cell/tissues on the right side of the head. Doctors are going to observe and measure it every 6 months. As long as it does not grow, there’s no other concerns. There’s a good chance that it is just dead tissue. But, as you can guess … this led to some increased concerns for my health

2) Meanwhile, for the last two years we have been trying to build a new house. One year into the project, we had to totally throw out the old plan and come up with a new plan, as the surveyors did not do their job right, and the house plan we had designed would literally not fit on the property!!!

3) Last fall, probably due to the steess of redoing house plans for the umpteenth time, my wife had a relapse of her Lyme disease. She has been going to a specialist for several years, and it had been under control. By the beginning of the year, it was getting the best of her.

4) We finally set a date of March 3rd to move into to our new house.So what does my boss do? He decides we need to move into new facilities. But since the new facilities will not be done in time, and the lease on our old office space was up – we were going to have to move twice – once in February, and again in April or May. Yup, we had to break down servers and workstations, relocate phone and data and Internet services twice in an 8 week time span. And inthe interim location, we had phone and data cable just strung all over on the floor.in every office and the hallway. What a sight!

5) Meanwhile, way back in November we had a contract  to sell our old house. Sure enough, in February, the people pulled out. We got a second offer, but they couldn’t get financing. I went with a realtor to sell the house, and we were suppose to close last Monday (June 5th, which is my birthday). You guess it … no closing. So here it is Friday, June 9th and my realtor tells me tonight we “may” close next Monday at 2pm. You just got to love double mortgage payments and double utility bills!

6) Meanwhile, back on the family front, our younger daughter, Jenny, who is turning 28 next week and has Downs Syndrome, and lives with us, had a severe bronchial problem which caused her to miss two months of work. My wife was fighting migraines due to the medication she was taking for the Lyme disease.

This barely scratches the surface, but as you can see .. this left very little room for all of our “extra curricular” activities.

I am happy to report that (1) my wife is doing better, but not out of the woods, (2) my daughter has been working at McDonalds again, and hasn’t missed a work day in the last two months, (3) we are loving our new house, (4) we are moved into our final office space in downtown Tampa, and (5) we are booked for a cruise in July — and I better not see a hurricane!!!!

Through it all, people have been great, and the strength of our faith in God has kept us singing, in good times and in bad! Here’s a cheer to many more good times in the days and years ahead for each if us!

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