2005-12-23 "O Holy Night"

I was not able to get a Song of the Week posted the last couple of weeks as I have been either traveling out of town or just having too many good Christmas parties! But with Christmas upon us, let’s make sure this week closes on a good note, with probably my number one Christmas carol of all time:

O Holy Night!
aka O What a Waste!

O what a waste,
the files are loading slowly
It is the night when our system goes live
Long did we wait, to swing our server o-ver
Because we thought that R2 would soon be here

A thrill of hope: we worked out all the problems
But then we found a new and devious bug;
(… start screaming …)
This isn’t fair
Let’s search the web sites quickly
O why did it fail?
O why, we were almost done
O why, O why!
O why, did it go wrong?

Surely we knew, we better have a backup
‘Cause things go wrong and we shall be prepared
Finding the patch, the newsgroup is our brother,
And in those posts all our answers we’ll find.
Sweet words of joy in grateful chorus raise we,
We find the fix, and raise a holy cheer:
Yes, it’s now up;

Our server’s running smoothly
O yes, it’s all done
O yes, we can go home
O yes, O yes.
O yes, we can go home!

Kevin Weilbacher [SBS-MVP]
“The days pass by so quickly now, the nights are seldom long”

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