Driver Update Challenge

For years, I have recommended people to only use WU/MU/WSUS to install critical updates, and to avoid at all cost installing or updating any drivers that these tools may report. But, I have also talked to many Microsoft people who tell me that updating drivers via WU/MU/WSUS do (or should) work.

I would love to hear from anyone who regularly uses WU/MU/WSUS to perform driver updates on production workstations and/or servers. If I can get more than ten positive stories, I’d be willing to put my own home production server and one workstation on the line and try it.

So, you have one week to share your stories or experiences!

6 thoughts on “Driver Update Challenge

  1. I just spent 2 hours remotely working on a customer site because HP 3500 Color LaserJet drives were installed via WSUS.

    While WSUS installed them properly it caused a major headache for the customer and us.

    Don’t recommend it.

  2. I prefer to know exactly which driver I’m updating. Often the Microsoft recommendations apply to a generic hardware chip identified but do not apply to the actual manufacturer’s device in the server. Tape drives are notorious for frequently being wrong in the MS recommendations.

  3. i’m looking into this as well. I would think that NIC, video, and sound drivers would be ok. I’m going to test them in a lab setup before approving them for the rest of the campus.

  4. I’ve been doing it for years with acceptible success. I have had rare driver problems but they are much less common than problems with MS’s critical and other updates. For what its worth I do not install .net fuckup 2.0 or 3.0 or any updates for 1.1 through wsus. Where needed I install them manually.

    Hope this helps.

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