2006-07-29 "Never Can Say Goodbye"

First, Bill Gates announces that over the next two years he is stepping down from his day to day role at Microsoft. Then, this past Friday we hear that one of the leading architects for Microsoft security, Jesper Johansson (Dr. J), is leaving in September. Seems fitting to turn to a song that has been a hit for many artists, from Michael Jackson to Gloria Gaynor, from Sheena Easton to Destiny’s Child – and dedicate it to all the people who work extremely hard — whether employed by Microsoft, or within these NG —Never Can Take Enoughaka: Never Can Say GoodbyeWav … Continue reading 2006-07-29 "Never Can Say Goodbye"

Adding RDP to the SBS Mgmt Console

This comes from the ‘You can still teach me something new’ department … First, some background info … On my workstation, I have several shortcut icons to initiate RDP connections to various workstations and servers (via mstsc.exe). When connecting to servers, I often create these shortcut links using the /v option to specificy the server name, and the /console option in order to connect to the actual console session of the server, rather than opening a second session. Something like this: mstsc.exe /v:sbsserver /console Recently a post from a fellow MVP suggested that I’m not the only one who may have forgotten … Continue reading Adding RDP to the SBS Mgmt Console

Magic Jelly Bean alternative

For several years, I have used the small, free utility known as Magic Jelly Bean  to document or determine the Windows and Office product keys installed on a computer. One limitation of this utility was that you had to run this utility at each computer individually. Recently I discovered a similar utility – ProduKey – that will also scan all the computers in your network and produce a single report of the Windows & Office product keys installed. It also checks on Exchange and SQL product keys, which is great for our SBS environments! Click on the attachment to see a screensnapshot of the results of … Continue reading Magic Jelly Bean alternative