Backing up/moving your POP3 connector settings

None of my SBS sites use the POP3 connector any longer, having migrated them to SMTP even before SBS2003 was released. However, there are still a lot of sites that continue to use it. What surprised me was that I always thought that you were pressing the POP3 connector service once you had more than 10-15 POP3 mailboxes. But I was recently told of sites with 40 to 50 POP3 mailboxes!

So, the question came up: if you are migrating your SBS2003 server over to new hardware, can you copy and migrate over your POP3 connector user info? And the answer is …. Yes! Thanks to Merv Porter and Frank McCallister for providing this information:

If this is a swing from SBS 2003 to SBS 2003 (just new hardware, same server/domain/user account names), I think you can just copy the POP3 Connector .dat and maybe the .bak files (IMBData.dat and IMBData.bak) from the old server to the new and the accounts will then appear in the POP3 Connector on the new server:


C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business Server\Networking\POP3\IMBData.dat

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business Server\Networking\POP3\IMBData.bak


I just tried this on a virgin SBS 2003 VPC image.  Copied the .dat and .bak files from a client’s SBS 2003 server to this SBS 2003 VPC.  If I open the POP3 Manager on the SBS 2003 VPC, all my client’s POP3 account info is now there. 


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  1. NB: Cal reported to me that he had to re-enter each accounts password – that it did not come across with the file copy for whatever reason.

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