Why use SBS Swing Migration?

In the SBS 2003 Public Newsgroup, and probably most other newsgroups, we often walk a thin line when it comes to recommending 3rd party solutions and products. There are those who love Trend, and those who hate it. Same goes for anything Symantec, or Dell, or HP, or any other HW/SW vendor.

One of the solutions that is constantly recommended is Jeff Middleton’s SBS Swing Migration. His process is perfect whether you are on SBS2003 and need to migrate to new hardware, or if you are on an older version of SBS, and wants to upgrade to SBS 2003 and implement new server hardware at the same time.

Sometimes our love for his solution and methodology may come across as being a paid advertisement. But I can assure you that it’s not. Speaking personally, I paid full price for Jeff’s Swing Migration kit, because (1) it works, (2) he deserves to be paid for his efforts, and (3) did I say it works really well? I receive  no kickbacks or anything of the kind from the sale of Jeff’s product. What I do get is the satisfaction in knowing that Jeff’s expertise has helped you.

So, I decided I would post my own reasons for recommending Jeff’s Swing Migration product. If I missed anything, please add your own comments!

1. With Jeff’s approach, the current server is initially taken offline for just a few minutes while you backup the AD. You then put the current server back on line and the customer continues working and using it.

2. Meanwhile, you are now free to load, install, configure, test your new server — all to your hearts content — and even do it offsite, away from the office.

3. Then when you are ready to convert, you take down the old system, migrate settings, migrate data and exchange files, and bring the server back up. Voila! you’re done.

4. But, the best news of all … with Jeff’s approach, you do NOT have to go and reconfigure every workstation and redo settings, profiles, etc. Nope! Once the new server is up, you turn on the  workstations, and the chances are good (outisde of maytbe a printer issue here or there), the users won’t even know you made a change!!

Now that’s how I spell relief!

Kevin Weilbacher [SBS-MVP]
“The days pass by so quickly now, the nights are seldom long”


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