An Extraordinary Ukulele Player

This may appear to be way off topic … but being musically inclined … it’s not! Listen to this guy play George Harrison’s (of the Beatles) “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” on a ukulele. Simply amazing!  

NetworkWorld’s review of SBS 2003 R2

The 7.31.06 edition of NetworkWorld included a review of SBS2003 R2 by James E. Gaskin. I sent the following response to the author: Mr. Gaskin, your article on Microsoft’s SBS 2003 R2 release (7.31.06 issue) offered some points that I felt could have been better clarified.   First, you claim that most small businesses lack the needed in-house expertise, and you spoke of the “large reseller army” available.   It would have been helpful to refer your readers to the Microsoft’s Small Business Specialists web site ( that allows a customer to locate a trained SBS specialist in their area. Also, … Continue reading NetworkWorld’s review of SBS 2003 R2

Adding external email addresses to a distribution list

Tell me we don’t see this question come up at least once a week!! Charlie Russell recently posted a nice set of instructions for doing this. He’s expanded slightly on my own method, so I’ve incorporated his points. I hope this helps someone in the future: You need to create the external email addresses as Contacts in Active Directory. To do this, you’ll need to leave the SBS wizards and use Active Directory Users and Computers.1.) Open ADUC from Administrative Tools2.)  Navigate to MyBusiness, right click and choose New -> Organizational Unit to create a new OU, and call it … Continue reading Adding external email addresses to a distribution list

IMF Tricks

I was a little late in implementing IMF on my Exchange server, but did so recently. Here are three things I had to do to help me manage and control the spam that IMF was catching: The first trick I discovered was that I needed a way to monitor the spam that was being caught by IMF. So I implemented the Exchange IMF Archive Manager: This allows me to pull up via a web browser and view all the emails quarantined by IMF, and dedice whether to delete them or resubmit them to the intended recipient (false positives). But I … Continue reading IMF Tricks