ISA 2006 and SBS 2003

For those with MSDN or Action Pack subscriptions, you will soon see ISA 2006 showing up on your doorsteps. A normal (?) question may be: can I install ISA 2006 on my SBS server? One answer is: "Sure, you can do anything you want." But that would not be the right answer. The right answer is: "No way, Jose!"

Why? Because you not only break your EULA agreement, but more importantly, you'll break CEICW by installing ISA 2006 on your SBS server.

However, with ISA 2006 there is a new ISA Firewall Client that works with ISA 2006, ISA 2004 and ISA 2000, and it works on both 32 and 64 bit workstations. You can download it here:

And you can find out how to distribute it to your users here:

Please note: when I tried installing the new Firewall Client, I had to uninstall the current Firewall Client first, and then make sure that Outlook and all IE windows were closed. I also had to reboot the workstations after installing the new FW Client.


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