Cleanup log files

I stumbled across a handy Windows script file (WaRmZip) that is an all purpose utility for cleaning, compressing and/or moving outdated log files. For example, you may want to delete certain files older than X days. You can download this utility at WinAdmin’s web site: One use of this utility is to delete older IIS log files. Go to C:\Windows\System32\LogFiles directory on your server, and take a look at the contents of each of the subfolders (W3SVC1, etc).  You may be surprised to find hundreds of files in each of these subfolders. Using the WaRmZip utility, I can create a one line … Continue reading Cleanup log files

Why IMF updates don’t update

Exchange 2003 SP2 includes the Intelligent Message Filter (IMF v2). Microsoft indicated that IMF definition updates would be released twice a month. These IMF updates can be obtained via WSUS or Microsoft Update (MU), which requires a reg edit to be made in order to work.  Recently, plenty of people have asked (complained?) about either not getting the IMF update, or if they got it, it would not install. Turns out that Microsft has an expiration on each IMF update, and once that window of opportunity passes, you need to wait for the next IMF update. P.S.: if you did not know this, then … Continue reading Why IMF updates don’t update