Faster Banana Hack

Do you have a Windows Media Center Edition (MCE) PC you bought, but haven’t been able to add it to your SBS domain. Until now, the Banana Hack was the only suggested way of doing it (without reformatting and reloading MCE from scratch).

But, if you’re like me, the Banana Hack, for whatever reasons, did not work.

Kudos to James Barrett for posting a much easier method of joining MCE’s to a domain, and to Frank McCallister for finding these instructions. I used my BartPE CD to make the changes and it appears to have work as prescribed. Here are the instructions as posted by Mr. Barrett:

 For those trying to join MCE’s to the domain I found this process works
just fine and saves several steps.

1. Boot into Windows using a WinPE CD/DVD
2. Start Registry Editor, click on HKEY_Local_Machine
3. Click on File, Load Hive
4. Select c:\Windows\System32\Config\System file
5. Give it a name: MCE
6. Browse to HKEY_Local_Machine\MCE\WPA\MedCtrUpg
7. Change IsLegacyMCE to 1 (ONE)
8. Browse to HKEY_Local_Machine\MCE
9. Click File, Unload Hive
10. Reboot the PC

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