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My Acer laptop had been working like a charm for over a year. However, after updating it for IE7 and installing my copy of Verizon’s VzAccess software, I suddenly started getting numerous popup errors both when booting up my laptop, and also when exiting most applicaitons, including Internet Explorer. Except for the .exe file listed, the popup errors were identical:

Application popup: wmiprvse.exe – Application Error : The instruction at “0x00b1f020” referenced memory at “0x00000ba0”. The memory could not be “read”.

Looking at the error, you would think it was a memory problem. Not so. Googling for the error code just confirmed that I was not the only one to have ever encountered this problem. But no real solutions. I even uninstalled both IE7 and Verizon VzAccess, but it did not fix the problem. Other people suggested the problem was caused by conflicts between .Net Framework 1.1 and 2.0, or an unregistered DLL.

Mind you, the computer was still working perfectly. I would just get these pop up error messgaes when closing an application, like IE.

Finally, I tried searching other places besides Google and Microsoft. Evwen though this was an Acer laptop, I went to the Dell Forum and started searching, and finally found the cause and solution. The problem was being caused by an older version of the Venturi compression program that is installed when installing Verizon’s VzAccess software. Once I uninstalled the Venturi program, the error codes went away. I then downloaded and installed the latest version of the Venturi software (3.3), and it appears they addressed the issue, as I am having no more error popups.

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  1. I had a similar problem. After upgrading my harddisk and cloning it to a larger harddisk I started getting the error message.

    Application Error : The instruction at
    “9999999999” referenced memory at “0x00000ba0”. The memory could not be “read”. (the calling number sometimes varied but the referenced number was always the same)

    The programs all ran fine, but when I closed them I would get the popup of the error message.

    I searched .. and followed all the suggestions
    Tested Memory .. NO PROBLEM

    I figured out that it was an operating system issue the way it came up. Finally fixed it by:

    1. Ran a Registry Clean-Up Program and cleaned out the Registry.
    2. Deleted the pagefile (turned it off)
    3. Defragmented the harddisk
    4. Turned the pagefile back on

    No more error message!!

  2. Is the Venturi Compression program only for ACER LAPTOPs? I have a DELL Latitude PII 266 version running perfectly fine except for the crappy memory problems that have accured recently. I will be trying the two solutions you have posted.

  3. Bingo! I had an issue where EVERY program got the 0x00000ba0 error when closed.

    I removed Venturi and Verizon Access Manager which were no longer being use, and problem solved. Thanks for the help, this error was all over the net, with not a lot of specific cause and effect or solutions.

  4. Had same problem for months with “The memory could not be read error”
    I have tried everything I could find to eliminate the issue with no success.
    I finally uninstalled the Bytemoble Acceleration client for my ATT laptop connect card and the problem is GONE!!!!
    Thank God.
    If you have an ATT card, go to the Tools tab, settings, accelerration and select uninstall. Reboot and the error is gone.
    Hope this helps someone out.

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