DeepFreeze your kiosk/traing room computers

I recently configured 12 computers for a training room for a client. One goal was to be able to secure the setup of each computer. My objective was to be able to reboot the computers and have them automatically restored to a known good state.

The solution I settled on is a product called Deep Freeze from Faronics. Right now, I’m using the Deep Freeze Standard version, but I can see where their enterprise version would be very helpful down the road. The product works exactly as its advertised. Users can delete programs or icons, add new programs, download files (even viruses!), run WU/MU — and immediately upon rebooting, the computer is instantly restored to its known, good baseline state.

This blog post is not intended to promote their product, or any product, but simply to let people know of solutions that work for me. Perhaps someone knows of a better solution than Deep Freeze. If so, I’m all ears!

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