Reducing size of Office 2003 documents

It’s a known fact that Office documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) very often get bloated (in file size). And if your company creates and stores lots of documents on your SBS server, especially documents with lots of graphic images, you begin to eat up a lot of disk space.

Until now, your choice was to zip those large documents. I recently stumbled over a tool called NxPowerLite that will compact Word, Excel and Powerpoint files (either in-place or create new versions of each file), primarily by compressing the embedded graphic objects in the file. The compacted file can still be opened, read, and modified by Word, Excel or Powerpoint.

I downloaded the trial version (they also have a free version) and converted three files each, and the results were fairly dramatic:

Document 1: from 665kb to 662kb (text only, no graphics)
Document 2: from 3,756kb to 1,058kb
Document 3: from 9,635kb to 445kb

Worksheet 1: from 82kb to 32kb
Worksheet 2: from 252kb to 56kb
Worksheet 3: from 287kb to 252kb

Presentation 1: from 2,532kb to 1,563kb
Presentation 2: from 6,894kb to 2,175kb
Presentation 3: from 8,632kb to 6,707kb


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