Quicken and Vista

I struggled for quite a bit this evening trying to transfer my Quicken 2007 over to my Vista workstation and get it up and running. I encountered two issues that several other people have also encountered, but the solutions were not always exact or correct.

The two main problems I encountered were:

1. After installing Quicken, every time I would start it up it would give me a pop up window with the error message: “Quicken is unable to complete the unlock process”. The popup window kept appearing no matter how many times you closed it, and eventually I had to go into Task manager to close Quicken

2. After restoring my Quicken data from backup, I noticed that my Price History for Stocks was missing

The solutions are as follows:

1. First, a reminder: make sure you install Quicken by right clicking on the downloaded Quicken .exe installation file, and select to ‘run as administrator

2. As to the “unable to complete the unlock process”, the solution that worked for me was to open up IE7 and select to delete cookies. Trust me, I tried everything, including uninstalling and reinstalling Quicken four times before this trick solved the problem.

3. As to the missing price history data? When doing a backup within Quicken, the price history is stored in a separate (.qph) backup file. The tricky thing is that the ‘date last modified’ for the .qph file is not set to today’s date (when you did your backup), but rather it’s set to the date you last edited or updated any stock price history. In my case that was about a week earlier.

So when I went to copy over the Quicken backup files to my Vista workstation, I only selected those Q files with today’s date, thus missing the .qph file.

Hope this helps someone else down the road!


4 thoughts on “Quicken and Vista

  1. Bless You!! I have spent 4 hours dealing with techies and basically uninstalling and reinstalling the program the whole time. Deleted the cookies and up an running in 3 seconds! Thanks!!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve spent 2 days trying everything under the sun. I don’t understand why your solution worked but I’m so relieved that it does. Thank you so much!

  3. I wasted tons of time removing every entry in registry after several unistalls and nothing worked until I deleted cookies as suggested. Thank you. Of course tech support at quicken useless. Leave it to a internet search to finally find the solution.

    Thanks again for posting

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