When a computer was not added properly in SBS

A recent post in the newsgroup dealt with a computer that was NOT added to the SBS domain using the ‘connectcomputer’ wizard. The result was that this computer did not show up in the list of computers that can be selected from RWW. The person wanted to know what could be done to fix this situation. Lanwench proposed the following process: 1. Go to ADUC, find his computer account (probably in the default Computers OU), and move it to MyBusiness\Computers\SBSComputers by right-clicking on it and choosing Move.2. Reboot his computer3. Go to Server Management, Client Computers, and click on Assign … Continue reading When a computer was not added properly in SBS

2007-06-07 "I’ve Got Friends in Low Places"

If you read my May 19, 2007 Song you know I’ve been dealing with kidney stones literally for the last month. This was my first, and I agree wholeheartedly with everyone who says that next to childbirth, nothing is more painful! I finally passed the stones on Memorial Day. That’s the good news. The bad news is that we had to postpone our scheduled trip to Germany and Italy. The Lithotripsy procedure that I mention in my previous post did occur, but did not break up the stone. A week later, willing to do anything, I ordered some herbal supplements. … Continue reading 2007-06-07 "I’ve Got Friends in Low Places"

‘Tis The Simpler Solution … contest

Too often we (OK, “me”) make solving a problem more difficult than it truly is. But, when you are in the thick of it, with customers upset that their computers aren’t working, it’s hard to see the easy solution. For example, I had a computer that had been working flawlessly since it was installed in January. But yesterday it decided it would act up and take forever to connect to the Internet using IE7. However, Firefox worked fine. After trying the usual things that one does over the phone (empty the temp Internet files, run disk cleanup, delete cookies, reboot), … Continue reading ‘Tis The Simpler Solution … contest