Vista, SBS2003 and the 4th of July

I’ve been getting a little annoyed at the posts in the various newsgroups bashing Vista. But I realized that I could not really respond since I was not using Vista myself on a daily basis. Sure, I’ve had the various beta and RC versions of Vistas running on a workstation for nearly a year here in my office. But the truth to be told, it was mostly sitting there idle.

So this past weekend I decided to do the switch. I reformed that workstation, and installed the production copy of Vista Ultimate on it. I installed all the primary applications that I use on a daily basis, including Quicken 2007, and tested each application out thoroughly.

This evening I powered off and disconnected my old, reliable, trusty XP Workstation, and moved the new Vista workstation into its place.

My initial thoughts? I like it. It certainly boots faster tham my XP workstation. I definitely do NOT miss the long wait at “Applying computer settings”. All the applications, including several  3rd party industry specific ones all seem to work justy fine. I don’t even have a big hangup with the UAC popups.

What does this have to do with the 4th of July?

Simply this — just as the American wanted to break their ties with British, I have broken my ties with my XP workstation. I’ll leave it powered up for awhile, as I do have a zillion digital images I need to move off it. But then I will be formatting that system and moving it into our guest bedroom.


One thought on “Vista, SBS2003 and the 4th of July

  1. Pack it full of 4G’s of RAM a quick 4G USB memory stick and make use of ReadyBoost if you haven’t already!

    Did you install the 32-bit version?  QB currently has some limitations with Vista x64.

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