Free Tools for the I.T. Needy Professional

The other day I posted about Gliffy, a simple and free drawing tool that one can do network or floor diagrams with. Here’s a few others that may catch your fancy:

Free Conference Calls: come on, we’ve all been in a situation where we needed to get 3 or 4 people on a phone conference call in short order. FreeConference may be your answer! Both their reservationless and web-scheduled services are free; the participants simply dial an assigned long distance number. If you want a toll-free option, you can set that up for once ten cents a minute per caller.

Free Secure Screen Sharing: just yesterday I received a call while driving from someone in Florida who wanted me to do a 1-on-1 demo to someone in North Carolina. I wasn’t near the office, nor home. But I did have a laptop with the software on it. That’s when I remembered about CrossLoop. I fired up CrossLoop on my end, clicked on the ‘Host’ tab which generates a 12 digit random security code. I had the person on the other end go to the CroosLoop web site, download and run the free program, and then enter the previously generated security code. Voila, they could see my screen.

Until now I had not said anything about CrossTalk, because it was missing two important features: the ability to restrict the other person to “view” only, and the ability to do file transfers. Both of those features are included in their 1.1 release of CrossLoop, which is in final beta testing. Thomas, a Microsoft Technical Writer, also blogged about his experience with CrossLoop.

Although CrossTalk is based on the TightVNC code, it operates differently in that it requires a person to be on the remote end. I like that feature!


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