IMF & Perf Counters

I have blogged previously on using IMF to filter out unwanted emails. The question then comes up: how do I know that it’s working? The answer is: learn to use Performance counters.

Here’s a quick how to do it (with thanks to Les Connors!):

1. Click Start > Administrative Tools > Performance from your SBS server.

2. Above the graph that displays on the right frame, click the left most icon to clear out the current counters (if you hover your mouse over it, it will read ‘Clear Counter Set’

3. Click on the ‘+’ icon to add new counters

4. A new window opens up to Add Counters. Under Performance object, click the drop down arrow. By default, it’s set to ‘Processor’. Locate the object ‘MSExchange Intelligent Message Filter’

5. Click to enable ‘All Counters’, and then click ‘Add’, then click ‘Close’

6. Click on the ‘View Report’ icon (the paper icon just to the left of the ‘+’ icon) and there’s your detail report.

7. To save this Performance report to pull it up and refresh the data, right click in the gray area and select ‘Save As’ and save it to your console desktop.

8. You can now close the Performance MMC. To view and update of the report, click on the desktop shortcut icon you just created, then click on the ‘Update Data’ icon, which is between the Red X icon and the Yellow Question mark icon.

Here’s a sample result:


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