RWW and Per User Restriction

RWW in SBS 2003 does not allow you to define ‘per user’ restrictions. Here’s an interesting work around if you want to ensure that a particular user can only access specific computers:

1. Go to: Server Management | Standard Management | Users | (rt click) the user account | Properties | Account (tab) | Log On To… | The Following

2. Then add the target member server to the list AND also add the SBS server. You need the SBS server specified so that the user can authenticate to the
server when logging into RWW (however, he will not be able to log onto the SBS server itself).

3. The user will “see” all workstations (and the member server) in the RWW list of computers, but will only be able to log onto the member server itself.

But there’s even more information, if you go to the actual newsgroup thread that this information was pulled from.


One thought on “RWW and Per User Restriction

  1. I’ve done this before and it works great!! You can also do it the other way. If there’s a computer you want to make sure that most people can’t RWW to (or access at the console), you can modify the Local Policy on that computer and deny access for those people (or use a group) to Logon locally to this computer (that’s from memory – might be worded slightly differently). We generally do this for the accountant’s/bookkeeper’s/CFO’s computer just to add a little extra security to it.

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