Cleanup Old Log Files (revisited)

Back in Nov-2006 I wrote about a free script (WaRmZip) you could download to be used for deleting old log files. That script includes a lot of features and flexibility. Here’s a simpler script that does a similar cleanup of old log files that you might find useful. It includes a .vbs backend script plus a simple one line .bat batch file script that can be added to your SBS scheduler. 1. You can download a zip file from my website that contains the .vbs file, a sample .bat file and a sample log file. To keep things simply, I store these files … Continue reading Cleanup Old Log Files (revisited)

2007-12-25 "Mary, Did You Know?"

First, I wish everyone a very safe, joyous and wonderful Christmas holiday. Thanks for everyone’s words of encouragement to me this past year as I suffered through several physical problems and illnesses. On my road to recovery, I decided to step away from my full time position I”ve had for the last 4 years and return to working for myself, selling  and installing SBS wherever I can. I close out my month of Christmas songs with a fairly new Christmas song (1984) written by Mark Lowry and Buddy Green called “Mary, Did You Know”. It’s been recorded by many people, but IMHO Kathy Mattea’s version … Continue reading 2007-12-25 "Mary, Did You Know?"

2007-12-24 "O Come All Ye Faithful"

Well, here it is … Christmas eve! And whether or not you celebrate Christmas, it’s still a wonderful time of the year to reflect on all the good things that people have done for us this past year. The movie Pay It Forward from a few years ago showed how doing one good deed to another human being could change that person’s life. Let’s take time to give thanks to those people who have been generous to us, especially to all those who support the SBS newsgroups. Today’s song is one of the traditional Chrisitmas hymns. I remember (and still love) singing it … Continue reading 2007-12-24 "O Come All Ye Faithful"

2007-12-23 "A Baby Just Like You"

I love finding non-traditional Christmas songs that include a universal message of joy and peace, no matter what your particular religious or spiritual slant may be. We have just a short time on this earth, and we should strive to make it a better place for the coming generations. John Denver penned this song over 30 years ago for the baby (Zachary) that he and his wife adopted. It’s simple and yet has a special charm and feel about it. I’m not going to change the words to the song at all. I hope you enjoy it! And here’s a video link of … Continue reading 2007-12-23 "A Baby Just Like You"

What comes after Vista?

The long awaited “what comes after Vista” OS from Microsoft has finally been released, and is receiving tremendous reviews. What do they say about the grass always being greener? Enjoy. -kw

2007-12-22 "Let It Snow!"

Well as I check the weather this morning, here’s what I see for the forecast highs today: Seattle 38F, Sacramento 29F, Omaha 24F, Dallas 56F, New York 36F, New Orleans 63F, and Tampa 57F. And for our non-US readers, we have: London 46F/7C, Munich 25F/-4C, Brussels 44F/7C, Sao Paulo 79F/26C, Sydney 66F/19C, Aukland 63F/17C, Singapore 79F/26C, Ottawa 27F/-3C, Edmonton 1F/-17C You get the picture … it’s cold in most places, and warm in other places. But wherever we are, hopefully we have a chance to put a smile on someone’s face. So go out and do something nice for someone … surprise them! … Continue reading 2007-12-22 "Let It Snow!"

2007-12-21 "Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer"

I just finished watching “The Polar Express” with my daughter tonight. It’s become a family tradition to make some hot chocolate and drink it while watching Tom Hanks sing the “Hot, Hot, Hot Chocolate” song in the movie. We all have our own traditions and ways to celebrate with family and friends. I’m reminded that the world does not revolve around computers, although computers (not love) may make the world go ’round! So, let’s get into the Christmas spirit and join in a song that children and adults love to sing! Windows, the Red-Nosed Softwareaka Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer You … Continue reading 2007-12-21 "Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer"

2007-12-20 "Christmas in Killarney"

One of my top three Christmas albums of all times is Bing Crosby’s White Christmas, first released in 1945. If you want to know my other top two Christmas albums, keep reading past the song lyrics. Bing and the Andrews Sisters, a cup of hot chocalate, and family and friends around … make for a wonderful Christmas event. One of the songs from this album is Christmas in Killarney. Here is a link to an Irish version of the song. Hopefully everyone will have a delightful and wonderful holiday with family and friends. But we all fear the phone call late on Christmas Eve … Continue reading 2007-12-20 "Christmas in Killarney"

Outlook 2007 Calendar Printing Assistant

For those of you using Office/Outlook 2007, here’s a Microsoft add-on that hasn’t gotten much press … it’s called the Calendar Printing Assistant for Outlook 2007 — or CPAO for short (kapow!). After installing it, you might have trouble finding it — I certainly did. You won’t find it in Outlook. Instead, click on All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Tools and you will find the link for CPAO. My take? For what it does, it does nicely. It gives you a variety of templates (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly). But the level of customization available is very limited. In other … Continue reading Outlook 2007 Calendar Printing Assistant

Lookeen goes official!

I’ve been beta testing Lookeen for several months. It’s a 3rd party Outlook 2003/2007 search tool that is a wonderful replacement for those who have previously used LookOut, and a step up from what Microsoft supplies. They have officially launched version 1.0 today! Check it out at